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Snakes and Ladders gameplay screen

Snakes & Ladders Live is an energetic and fast-paced game show that involves rolling dice. This race-style board game combines classic and familiar themes with an exciting twist to create an exhilarating gaming experience.

The objective of Snakes & Ladders Live is to predict the outcomes of the four-dice roll. By placing a bet on a winning combination, you can receive a corresponding payout for that bet.

The game features a primary game with four dice, each labeled with distinct symbols: Diamond, Star, SL (Snakes & Ladders bonus), and ST (Snake Totem bonus). If the Snakes & Ladders bonus is triggered, a fifth die is rolled to determine the type of bonus: Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

There are three variations of the Snakes & Ladders bonus. All three are played on an 8×8 board consisting of numbered tiles, which are filled with multiplier prizes. Bronze, Silver, and Gold variations grant 2, 3, or 5 rolls, respectively. To progress on the board, you roll a jumbo die in the studio. Snakes, Ladders, PowerUP tiles, and Safe Values are randomly scattered across the board, either aiding or obstructing your journey towards the top prize. The prize corresponds to the multiplier displayed on the tile where your last roll landed, or the last Safe value, whichever is larger.

The Snake Totem bonus consists of 18 tiles divided into three levels of 6 tiles, counted from the bottom to the top. Each tile offers a multiplier or a Snakes & Ladders bonus as a prize. When you roll the jumbo die once, you receive the prize displayed on the corresponding tile from the current level.

Rolling a six allows you to move up to the next level and awards an additional roll for a prize on the new level. If you roll a six again, you advance to the highest level and receive one more roll for a prize from the top level.

How to Play

During the betting time in Snakes & Ladders Live, you can place your bets on the designated betting layout. There are seven betting options available, corresponding to different combinations of the dice: Diamonds, Stars, Stars & Diamonds combo, Snake Totem bonus, Snakes & Ladders Bronze bonus (Bonus 2 Rolls), Snakes & Ladders Silver bonus (Bonus 3 Rolls), and Snakes & Ladders Gold bonus (Bonus 5 Rolls).

Snakes and Ladders betting

Once the bets are placed and accepted, the game host initiates the roll of the four dice, following the Snakes & Ladders Live Valid Roll rule, which is described in a section below.

If two or more dice show the SL symbol, the Snakes & Ladders bonus is activated, and the fifth die is rolled automatically. The winning combinations are determined and highlighted on your screen.

If your bet covers a winning combination, you will receive a payout according to the Bets and Payouts section below. The amount of your winnings will be displayed in the win message on your screen and will include your initial bet.

Bets and Payouts

Main Game

You have the option to place bets on any of the seven bet spots available: Diamonds, Stars, Stars & Diamonds combo, Snake Totem bonus, Snakes & Ladders Bronze bonus, Snakes & Ladders Silver bonus, and Snakes & Ladders Gold bonus.

Your bet will:

  • Win if the dice form one of the combinations shown on the bet spot.
  • Lose if the combination formed by the dice does not include the minimum required symbols displayed on the bet spot.

You can cover all seven bet types in a single game round.

In Snakes & Ladders Live, the payouts for the different bet types are as follows:

Dice combinationSymbolsPayout
DiamondsAny 2 Diamonds1:1
Any 3 Diamonds2:1
4 Diamonds5:1
StarsAny 2 Stars2:1
Any 3 Stars5:1
4 Stars20:1
Stars & Diamonds combo2 Stars + 2 Diamonds5:1
Star + 3 Diamonds8:1
3 Stars + Diamond20:1
Snake TotemAny 3 ST2 – 10,000:1
Snakes & Ladders BronzeAny 2 (or more) SL + Bronze2 – 10,000:1
Snakes & Ladders SilverAny 2 (or more) SL + Silver2 – 10,000:1
Snakes & Ladders GoldAny 2 (or more) SL + Gold2 – 10,000:1

The payout for winning bets is determined by the payout odds of the corresponding winning combination. In cases where the payout varies based on the number of symbols, only the payout for the best combination is awarded.

The payout of the bonus games falls within a specific range and is dependent on the outcome of those bonus games. Additionally, your original bet is returned along with any winnings.

There is a maximum payout limit in each game round, which includes any bonus winnings. For more information, please refer to the “Bet Limits & Payouts” section of the game. Once the maximum payout limit is reached, the game will continue as usual, but the cap will be applied to the total winnings at the end of the game.

Bonus Games

Snakes & Ladders Bonuses

Snakes and Ladders bonuses

When two or more of the main game dice display the “SL” symbol, the Snakes & Ladders Bonus is activated.

The 5th die is rolled to determine the bonus type:

  • Gold: Triggers the Snakes & Ladders Gold Bonus, offering 5 Jumbo die rolls.
  • Silver: Triggers the Snakes & Ladders Silver Bonus, providing 3 Jumbo die rolls.
  • Bronze: Triggers the Snakes & Ladders Bronze Bonus, granting 2 Jumbo die rolls.

To participate in the Snakes & Ladders Bonus, your bet must be placed on the specific type of bonus indicated by the fifth die.

Snakes and Ladders types symbol

All Snakes & Ladders bonuses take place on an 8×8 board of tiles in the studio.

Special Symbols on the Board:


  • Landing on a tile with a snake head moves your position to the tile where the snake’s tail is located.
  • There are always six snakes randomly scattered across the board.


  • Landing on a tile at the bottom end of a ladder moves your position to the top of that ladder.
  • There are always six ladders randomly scattered across the board.


  • Multipliers are distributed randomly on the board.
  • Landing on a tile displaying a multiplier sets the current bonus prize.
  • The value of the multipliers increases as you progress on the board.
  • Note that the multipliers are not cumulative, and your payout corresponds to the multiplier of the last tile you landed on.
  • If a tile has no multiplier, it inherits the multiplier value of the previous nearest tile that does.

Safe Tiles:

  • Safe Tiles are marked with a lock and are located on tiles 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, and 56.
  • When you land on or jump over a Safe Tile, it becomes active.
  • If, at the end of the bonus game, the current bonus multiplier is lower than the multiplier of the highest activated Safe Tile, you will be awarded the prize of the highest activated Safe Tile instead.

PowerUP Tiles:

  • Landing on a PowerUP tile increases all the multipliers on the board.
  • Each PowerUP tile can be activated only once when you land on it for the first time.
  • A maximum of three PowerUP tiles can be activated in a single bonus round.
  • Each time a PowerUP is activated, you receive an additional roll.
  • The number of PowerUP tiles available on the board depends on the number of symbols that triggered the bonus:
    • 2 SL symbols: The bonus is played on a board with 2 PowerUP tiles.
    • 3 SL symbols: The bonus is played on a board with 4 PowerUP tiles.
    • 4 SL symbols: The bonus is played on a board with 6 PowerUP tiles.

All the tiles on the board are numbered to indicate the direction of movement.

Progress on the board is determined by rolling a Jumbo die in the studio. Your position on the board advances by the number of tiles corresponding to the result of the die. If the result is a six, you receive an additional roll.

The bonus round concludes once all the dice rolls have been performed.

Snake Totem Bonus

Snakes and Ladders snake totem bonus

When three or more of the main game dice display the “ST” symbol, the Snake Totem Bonus is triggered.

To participate in the Snake Totem Bonus, your bet must be placed on the ST bet spot.

The Snake Totem Bonus takes place on the Snake Totem in the studio. The Snake Totem is divided into three levels, each consisting of six tiles. Each tile corresponds to a number on the Jumbo die, counting from the bottom to the top.

Tiles 6 and 12 have twelve facets, while the other tiles have six facets. All facets are marked with prizes.

When the Snake Totem Bonus is triggered, all the tiles start spinning and come to a stop with one of the facets in the center. The values of the middle facets of each tile are highlighted and represent the potential prizes for that bonus round.

The prizes include:

  • Multipliers: Landing on a tile with a multiplier awards that multiplier as the bonus ends.
  • Snakes & Ladders: Some of the Snake Totem tiles contain Snakes & Ladders Gold, Silver, or Bronze symbols. Landing on such a tile moves the bonus gameplay to the Snakes & Ladders board, where you will receive the corresponding prize by playing the Snakes & Ladders Bonus.

The same rules for playing the Snakes and Ladders Bonus apply when it is triggered in the main game, but only players who have placed a bet on the Snake Totem bonus are eligible.

The number of PowerUP tiles available in the bonus and the pre-activation of some PowerUP tiles depend on the level reached on the Snake Totem when the Snakes & Ladders bonus is triggered:

  • Level 1 (tiles 1 to 5): 2 PowerUP tiles, with no pre-activated PowerUP tiles.
  • Level 2 (tiles 7 to 11): 4 PowerUP tiles, with one pre-activated PowerUP tile.
  • Level 3 (tiles 13 to 17): 6 PowerUP tiles, with two pre-activated PowerUP tiles.

Prize Multipliers:

  • Any multiplier on tiles 7 to 11 is multiplied by the multiplier of tile six.
  • The multiplier on tile 12 is added to the multiplier of tile six.
  • Any multiplier on tiles 13 to 18 is multiplied by the multiplier of tile twelve.

One Jumbo die roll is awarded, and the result is used for determining the prize from the first level of the Snake Totem.

Landing on tile six awards one additional roll, and the prize is determined from levels 7 to 12.

Landing on tile twelve awards one additional roll, and the prize is determined from levels 13 to 18.

Return to Player

The optimal theoretical RTP is 96.42%.

BetReturn to Player
Stars & Diamonds Combo96.30%
Snake Totem95.09% – 96.26%
Snakes & Ladders Bronze95.57% – 96.26%
Snakes & Ladders Silver95.18% – 96.31%
Snakes & Ladders Gold95.71% – 96.42%

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